IT Assessments

Know where you are, so you can get where you’re going.

How healthy and robust is your network? Are you ready for the cloud? Can your data center and network handle the demands of today and tomorrow? These are the questions we answer during assessments that give you an in-depth understanding of your existing technology infrastructure and enable our engineers to better understand your business. IT assessments are a great way for new customers to get acquainted with our expertise and understand the benefits of partnering with IT COMM.

Cloud Consulting

Harness the power of the cloud.

Moving to the cloud or expanding your reliance on it requires expertise in cloud environments and a thorough understanding of your business. We analyze your IT operations from top to bottom to determine where you can increase simplification, reduce costs and gain protection by deploying public, hybrid or private clouds using Whale Cloud (Alibaba Cloud) or any ITC Group Cloud offerings.

Risk Management

Expect the unexpected, don’t let anything slow your business down.

IT COMM offers a proven process to help you identify and assess material risks, develop specific mitigation strategies, and assess enterprise-wide technology platforms for ongoing monitoring and reporting. We can help your organization apply an integrated approach to identifying and assessing business-critical risks, evaluating existing risk management infrastructure elements, and constructing continuous, in-depth ERM processes.

Management Consulting

Keep business plans on track with prompt IT expertise.

Whether you need a helping hand turning your IT roadmap into reality or suddenly find yourself in need of a stand-in chief information officer, we have the experience, talent and resources to fill gaps. Our experts provide short-term IT staff augmentation and can help you vet CIO and other high-level IT job candidates. With our expert support, you’ll gain the time and information you need to make the right decisions.

Program & Project Management

Reach your milestones with efficiency and transparency.

IT COMM helps you fine-tune the scope of your projects and programs to ensure transparency and alignment with overall business goals. We use proven methodologies and proprietary processes to identify risks and remove them, so your project finishes on time and within budget. Our highly skilled professionals will enable your organisation to define, transform, measure and deliver a standardized model to achieve successful delivery of the projects.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

Our disaster recovery IT consulting services help you devise a near-bulletproof plan designed to keep your critical systems and processes safe while providing you with peace of mind.

AI & Robotics

Hand over your easy, repetitive, and hazardous work to bots.

IT COMM provides automation services which will ensure a healthy growth trajectory, supported by many qualitative and quantitative benefits including cost reduction, improved quality, increased production, and improved workplace health and safety. Enterprise Robotics includes use of robots for both B2B and B2C services and support. Functions include internal business operations and processes, delivery of goods and services, research, analytics, and other business specific applications.

ERP Strategy & Design

Redefine your business from core processes to strategic technologies.

IT COMM provides independent advice and a structured process to clarify business systems scope and define your ERP strategy. To transform your business with ERP implementation, we offer deep expertise, industry knowledge, and a proven ERP implementation methodology. We will lead you step-by-step through the complexities of business process re-engineering, change management, piloting, risk management, training, and project management.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Understand data for real-time information-driven decision making.

IT COMM experts and solutions help organizations understand various types of data, so data can be converted into informed action items for the business. We offer end-to-end services from forecasting to strategy, optimization, performance analysis, trend analysis, customer analysis, budget planning, financial reporting and more. We use only proven technologies that help businesses reduce costs and allow for easy integration with other platforms and applications.


Save time, money, and unexpected bottlenecks.

We provide strategic guidance via our IT consultancy services to ensure your organization adheres to any necessary technology compliance requirements.

CIO Advisory

Drive business goals with every technology decision.

IT exists to support the business, and it’s more important than ever to demonstrate that. Sales, acquisitions, efficiencies and innovations — they all rely on technology. We provide the insights and advice IT leaders need to stay focused and maximize value in a business environment where technology touches everything.

Information Management & Security

Protect data confidentiality, integrity and availability from malicious intentions.

Information is the lifeblood of organizations and is becoming the key to business transformation. The way information is managed can create strong differentiators for businesses through improved performances, better sourcing, new product development, creation of more employee time, improvement in ROI, decision support, separation of good costs from bad costs, and better foresight.

Digital Transformation

Capitalize out on your customers’ ever-growing hunger for Digital.

Mobility and Pervasive Computing, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics and Social Media are the digital forces sweeping the modern world, changing the way we evolve & operate and interact with our customers. We offer deep industry domain expertise, pre-built customizable products and reusable assets with our strategic partners. We will help you build a strategy with smart use cases, swift system implementation and low maintenance.

Revenue & Taxation

Understand your customer’s financial lifestyle for far better returns.

IT COMM is helping clients evolve the manner in which tax and revenue administration is done. We offer proven strategies to computerize all your accounting systems for efficient and effective Revenue and Tax Assessment, Review, Verification, Monitoring and Collection. Our proven expertise can help you automate business processes, eliminate manual errors, widen the tax network, control tax evasions, and satisfy citizens with engaging interfaces.

Track & Trace

Keep track of goods with ease and precision all over the globe.

IT COMM experts design tracking solutions and services that are completely customizable to meet your business needs. Maintaining the integrity of goods is critically important as they travel through different territories, across countries and between customs controlled areas, such as port terminals, bonded warehouses and free zones. Your cargo will keep moving with minimal interruption and no compromise to integrity; which save you time, money, and effort.

IT Budget Planning

Keep your financials transparent to maximize on profits.

IT COMM solutions offer financial planning as well as cost transparency which helps you better understand where your budget is spent by mapping actual costs such as applications and infrastructure to their consumers. We help you create a more streamlined and accurate budget planning process through a centralized budget data repository that gives everyone access to the same system and data.

IT Mergers & Acquisitions

Embrace business opportunities and overcome integration challenges.

Mergers and acquisitions require managing change effectively — from reassigning people within an organization to choosing the IT solutions they’ll use to get work done. Which system will become the new standard? Who’s in charge of managing and securing IT? What will happen to IT assets that are no longer needed? We work with you to craft a cost-saving, productivity-boosting technology integration strategy that smooths the merger process and supports your business objectives.

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