Loans & Payment Solutions

Increase collection & customer loyalty by accepting all payment methods.

IT COMM provides simple and secure payment options for financial institutes. Add value, streamline operations, and grow your business with convenient payment and financial solutions that span the full range of digital financial services. Our mobile financial services platform provides banks and service providers with financial-grade performance for transaction security, convenience and best-in-class operational reliability. Our solution ensures 24/7 payment collection, seamless brand experience, and efficient operations.

Information Management & Security

Protect data confidentiality, integrity and availability from malicious intentions.

Information is the lifeblood of organizations and is becoming the key to business transformation. The way information is managed can create strong differentiators for businesses through improved performances, better sourcing, new product development, creation of more employee time, improvement in ROI, decision support, separation of good costs from bad costs, and better foresight. We help you navigate the complexities of your security landscape so you can protect your brand and strengthen the trust of your customers and partners.

Business Continuity Management

Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.

We help our customers understand and prioritize the threats to their business with international standard for business continuity. We offer solutions and services to protect against, reduce the likelihood of, and ensure your business recovers from disruptive incidents.

Fraud Detection and Risk

Protecting institutions from loss of monetary and information assets.

IT COMM service provides real-time risk scoring, contextual and reputational data, and post-event monitoring to inform fraud analysis, support automated workflows, and power risk modeling. Our solution conducts sophisticated link analysis, timeline analysis and data visualization for complex investigations. Our solution leverages on Big Data and machine learning, with pre-built models for procurement, payments, workforce policy compliance, resource management, and regulatory & contractual violations.

Support & Managed Services

Focus on your core business functions by letting the experts manage technology.

IT COMM services allow you to focus on your primary business functions, while we own the responsibility for day-to-day business operations. We offer managed services tailored to meet our customers' needs in the areas of Operations & Management, Managed Hosting and Business Support.

We provide 24×7 coverage with proactive issue response and remediation, server and NOC monitoring, remote desktop and helpdesk support. Hosted cloud offerings for infrastructure, virtual desktops and disaster recovery (DR) and backup, specifically designed for businesses. Our highly trained staff is prepared for all scenarios with advanced processes, monitoring and alerting tools.

Program & Project Management

Reach your milestones with efficiency and transparency.

IT COMM helps you fine-tune the scope of your projects and programs to ensure transparency and alignment with overall business goals. We use proven methodologies and proprietary processes to identify risks and remove them, so your project finishes on time and within budget. Our highly skilled professionals will enable your organisation to define, transform, measure and deliver a standardized model to achieve successful delivery of the projects.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Understand data for real-time information-driven decision making.

IT COMM helps offers BI solutions that help businesses with better visibility into demand and operational performance, product planning and management, and overall management of customer accounts. We consolidate a real time view of your financial, product, customer and supplier data. From there you can confirm or contradict your hunches and use facts to devise successful merchandising, promotional and sales strategies.

We offer end-to-end services from forecasting to strategy, optimization, performance analysis, trend analysis, customer analysis, budget planning, financial reporting and more. We use only proven technologies to help businesses reduce costs and allow for easy integration with other platforms and applications.

Network & Cyber Security

Prevent security risks early for uninterrupted public services.

The growth of mobile computing, social media and cloud computing are all exciting developments that have a positive effect on your operations, but adopting those technologies can make you more susceptible to security risks.

IT COMM has a skilled and experienced Network and IT Security team to help you understand points of weaknesses and recommend solutions to mitigate your risks, providing you with a robust Network & IT security strategy to help take your organisation forward. Our intelligence-led security services offer effective cybersecurity strategies that prepare business for before, during and after an attack. We ensure you have visibility of network traffic and an understanding of who and what is on your network, so you can apply appropriate policies.

Data Center Solutions

Keep your valuable applications and data safe and secure.

IT COMM offers a highly secure, highly available data centers located around the globe. We offer compliant and secure infrastructures that you need to run your critical business applications and store your incredibly valuable data, while also enjoying enhanced agility and flexibility to scale your operations as required.

IT COMM provides comprehensive, end-to-end data center setup services for planning, implementation, maintenance and support. We provide a combination of on-site and offshore resources with cross-domain knowledge and experience in working on large and complex environments. Our data center strategy, design and setup services include Design & Strategy, Configuration & Implementation, Vendor Management, Service Desk, Project Planning, and Documentation.

Application Management & Optimization

Provide an engaging, non-stop digital experience to your users.

IT COMM solutions and services cover the whole lifecycle of an application, from managing the performance to versioning and upgrading. As applications grow complex with the volume of data growing exponentially, we ensure that your data is available at anytime to make important and informed business decision. A number of tools are used to discreetly manage applications in our environment like Oracle enterprise manager (OEM), Solarwinds with probes into applications and systems, MRTG, Tableau (for visualization) and other solutions.

Inventory & Supply

Cover your technology needs, whatever, whenever, wherever.

At a time when you are looking to cut your costs, it is important that you have a trusted partner to look after the entire life-cycle for your technology, including your hardware, software and licenses. We work closely with you and your organisation to build a technology supply model that adds value to your operations, saving you time and money while providing you with a single point of contact for all of your technology needs.

Our procurement teams are experienced in sourcing and negotiating with key hardware and software vendors from multiple regions. Our supply chain expertise allows us to secure the best quality products, at the best prices, and get them delivered quickly to avoid project delays.

Cloud & Network Solutions

Leverage cloud to free up your resources and reduce capital expenses.

Moving to the cloud or expanding your reliance on it requires expertise in cloud environments and a thorough understanding of your business. We analyze your IT operations from top to bottom to determine where you can increase simplification, reduce costs and gain protection by deploying public, hybrid or private clouds using Whale Cloud (Alibaba Cloud) or any ITC Group Cloud offerings.

Technological advances pose a challenge for IT as implementation normally requires new IT systems, or significant modifications to existing infrastructure. Our cloud based solutions provide infrastructure management in the data center, ability to manage complex hardware, software, applications inside the data center, across the enterprise, and finally with Cloud, across multiple domains and organisations.

Anti-Money Laundering

Stay sophisticated for an equally sophisticated crime.

IT COMM helps financial institutions around the world meet the evolving Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We offer an unparalleled combination of subject area expertise, process & quality focus, global delivery force, proven solutions, and technology innovations. Our AML solution offering is built on top of its best-in-class horizontal platforms of leading-edge technology innovations, including digital transformation, automation, document processing, workflow, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence.

ERP Strategy & Design

Redefine your business from core processes to strategic technologies.

IT COMM provides independent advice and a structured process to clarify business systems scope and define your ERP strategy. To transform your business with ERP implementation, we offer deep expertise, industry knowledge, and a proven ERP implementation methodology. We will lead you step-by-step through the complexities of business process re-engineering, change management, piloting, risk management, training, and project management.

Transaction Processing

Streamline your employees’ daily processes through automation.

Simplify how transactions are entered, assessed and tracked by automating your customer-facing transaction processing system. Our transaction processing solution integrates into your core banking software for convenient transaction management and eases operational burdens for your employees. These integrated teller software and transaction management solutions are designed to link your employees to fast, accurate and relevant customer information, increasing operational efficiencies and improving the customer experience.

Billing Solutions & Big Data

Grow profits with real-time, automated and personalized billing.

Give your customers the tools they need to ensure their bills are paid on time and improve overall satisfaction with intelligent solutions for Big Data analytics. Automate custom processes to reduce errors and ensure smooth monthly close procedures. Schedule operational reports whenever you need them. Create custom dashboards and reports to help manage your area.

IT Consultancy Services

Leverage our expertise to build a robust growth strategy for your organisation.

IT COMM consultants are experienced at helping IT departments deploy IT solutions with the emphasis on scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency. IT and communications technology markets are constantly evolving. New technologies emerge every day and it can be difficult to stay abreast of the latest and greatest solutions available. That’s where we come in. We make a point of keeping on top of all the latest developments and how they may impact on our clients in the future.